Connecting with

your constituents

like never before

New developments in technology now give you the power to use broadcast text messaging to drive engagement among your targeted audiences. Whether you want to take a quick constituent survey on a hot-button issue, inform people about an upcoming event, or promote a recent endorsement, Person2Person Messaging can — rapidly and reliably — put your customized message directly in front of your audience.

How it works

Managed Peer to Peer Messaging

Person2Person Messaging offers managed peer to peer texting services that reach your target audience. We send the texts for you. Simply provide the message and the targets. Contact us for more details.

Who Can Use Person2Person Messaging?


Fundraising – Prospecting, Conversion, Lapsed Donors

Turnout – Rally/Event, GOTV

Recruitment – Find New Supporters/Volunteers

Informational – AB/EV, Messaging, Find Polling Place


Franking – Official Announcements

Event Turnout – Town Halls, Speeches

Informational – Weather Emergency, School Delays/Closings, Public Hearings


Fundraising – Prospecting, Conversion, Lapsed Donors

Turnout – Events, Rallies, Fundraisers, Speeches

Member Recruitment – Reminders

Take Action – Call Your Congressman


Student Recruitment

Campus Announcements


Alumni Engagement

Event Turnout/Sales – Athletics, Campus Events

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Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Person2Person Messaging can help you utilize broadcast text messaging technology to enhance your constituent services.

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